Friday Cup o’ Mead

Good day plebeians, weak-minded minions of WBPT. I write to thee from New York, once again returned to this fateful isle in search of gainful employment. As I scour the steely landscape, I yearn for a bright ray of opportunity to shine through the grayed, light-polluted haze. A paycheck and health insurance my holy end, grilled cheese and Campbell’s soup my beggar’s reality. As lovely dames provide me roof and warmth, my months of unemployment bring annoyance and even resent, rightfully so says this wayward leech. I call, write, and then call again, hoping someone will take a chance on this brown-haired rouge, and open their minds to my open mouth. As I sit here in this corporate coffee shop, a weak espresso my only shield to frigid nor’easter winds, I must write, prose the only antidote to this seemingly endless cycle of despair. Yet as desperate I may seem, an appearance veiled; determined I continue, a trait better advertised.

That’s right plebs, I have to keep at it. I can’t let the letdowns get me down, or else I will never get up. So I push on. Being back in the city is great, after two weeks in Huntsville, I was beginning to feel a little worthless. But now I’m back to shaking hands, and hopefully will land some good interviews sooner than later….Ok enough. I’m guessing you probably don’t care about all that, but I had to get it off my chest.

Anyway, we have been pretty shitty lately about keeping yall up to date on March Madness, so I’ll just recap some things real quick. First off, 2010 has to be the year of the White Boy. Northern Iowa, Cornell and Duke really prove this, so big ups to their parents for bringing the orange slices and Capri Sun’s during halftime. Secondly, number 1 doesn’t mean shit. Syracuse and Kansas both get bounced before the Elite 8, both by small schools. Thirdly, the Big East was who we thought they were! At the moment there is only one Big East school left, West Virginia, who thanks to Huggy Bear’s track suits and late night Johnny Walker sessions have made it in to the final 8. Also, if you didn’t stay up to see the end of the Xavier v. K-State game you really missed out. Incredible performances from everyone on the court, and gutsy play calling and shot-taking from the underdogs. Not to sound cliché, but it was one of those games you just hope never ends. Also, Kentucky put on a show against Cornell, slipping up a little in the 2nd, but reaffirming my belief that they are by far the top team in the tournament. Oh yeah, and Fuck Duke.

Since I haven’t given yall any juicy links to check out lately (ok in forever), I thought I’d list some of the more interesting stuff I’ve been reading lately. Peace.

Real Madrid wins thanks to two wunder goals from Ronaldo and a splendid pair from Higuain.

If Women ran Wall St.


How Haiti saved America


Boston Globe’s the Big Picture Blog: Record Setters


Ὀδυσσεύς Bombay


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